5 tips on choosing a wine for a dinner party:

5 tips on choosing a wine for a dinner party:

5 tips on choosing a wine for a dinner party from Chief Wine Ambassador Wes Narron.

1. Pick something YOU like to drink. Don’t worry about how the aromas of the wine match the flavors of the food. If you like it, at least 1 person will be happy! Trust your taste buds, not a suggestion from a wine critic or wine shop staffer. Taste it before you buy it!
2. Match the body (heaviness) of the wine with the body of the food. Having a pot roast with fall root vegetables? You need a big bold red. Having a pasta primavera? You need a fresh, fruity white.
3. If you’re picking a wine to be served with dessert, the wine should be a little less sweet than the dessert.
4. When in doubt, pick a sparkling wine. Everyone whoops when they hear corks popping! What a festive way to start the party.
5. Or pick a rose’. A rose’ will go with everything!

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Wes Narron
Chief Wine Ambassador
City Wine Tours

Wes Narron is the Chief Wine Ambassador of City Wine Tours and thinks learning about wine should be as much fun as drinking it. City Wine Tours hosts weekend wine tasting tours in several NYC and Boston neighborhoods, plans corporate and private events, and encourages learned debauchery.  www.citywinetours.com