Buy Better Gifts: Choose Experiences over Objects

Buy Better Gifts: Choose Experiences over Objects

There’s real evidence of something that CWT has known for years: Experiences make better gifts than objects. There are lots of reasons for this. A recent Bustle article described five of them. For example, experiential gifts bring a social connection that objects often don’t. Anticipating the experience can also heighten the value of the gift.Couple toasting red wine

Looking for a more scientific perspective on gifts?

Wharton marketing professor Cassie Mogilner recently co-wrote a paper on this very topic.  She spoke about one of the biggest reasons for choosing an experience:

“One of the reasons that buying experiences is better is because you always have that memory to return back to, whereas people adapt to things really quickly. It sort of sits on your shelf and you engage with it every day, and so it loses its shiny, bright newness. Whereas a memory, every time you refer back to it, is just as shiny and bright.”

What if they really love material gifts?

Even the materialistic Forbes magazine published an article on this, last March. Their conclusion? You guessed it: The secret to happiness is spending money on experiences and not things.

So this holiday season, don’t stress about what to stuff in the stockings. Don’t worry about the wrappings. Don’t concern yourself with the crowds. Just pick up a City Wine Tour gift card, and let us give the experience your loved ones deserve.