Chronicle Highlights City Wine Tours in Boston!

Chronicle Highlights City Wine Tours in Boston!
In their recent feature, ABC’s Chronicle highlights City Wine Tours! Here at City Wine Tours we have been chatting with Chronicle about featuring a City Wine Tour for quite some time. (Click Here to go straight to the recent video feature)…  Now, remember that 3 month-long snow storm aka the 2015 Boston winter?  Ya, that made filming nearly impossible to film earlier in the year…..

Chronicle Highlights City Wine Tours wine pours

Joanne pours carefully in the Wine Bottega wine cellar… did you know that Wine Bottega was the original inspiration for City Wine Tours?

…..So you can imagine how excited we were when everything worked out for Chronicle to come by and check out City Wine Tours last week!  Our partners Aragosta (Battery Wharf Hotel), Gennaro’s 5 North Square, and the Wine Bottega rolled out the red carpet…..

Chronicle Highlights City Wine Tours pairings

The cameras are getting up close and personal… can you spot long-standing ambassador Roz?

……Chronicle host Shayna was a delight and easy to work with!  Wine Ambassador Joanne put on a great performance and many thanks to the friends and family and staff (Kerry, Roz, Wes you know who you are!) of CIty Wine Tours who came out on a Friday afternoon to fill up the tour for the cameras (thank you to the Chronicle crew working hard behind the scenes)….

Chronicle Highlights City Wine Tours group tour

Friends and Family having a great time at our first tour stop – Aragosta!

…..We think the piece came out great.  You can view it by clicking here.  If you have not yet taken a City Wine Tour, what are you waiting for?!  Come join the fun any Saturday or Sunday.  North End Tours run at 2PM, 3PM, and soon – 4PM!  We also run great tours in the Back Bay, South End, and Harvard Square!

Chronicle Highlights City Wine Tours - Wes

Chief Wine Ambassador Wes Narron – the brains behind the CWT curriculum! If your curious about the Chronicle highlights on City Wine Tours, visit our website!