Pairings for summer grilling with Wes Narron

Pairings for summer grilling with Wes Narron

Chief Wine Ambassador of City Wine Tours Wes Narron was recently featured on Interviewer Mike Pappas sat down with Wes to discuss some of the best pairings for those summer evenings spent grilling. From general thoughts on summer wines to specific pairings you’ll love – Wes breaks down the best of summer wines. To find out more, check out our excerpt below or read the full interview here!

1) Let’s start out in broad terms. In general, what should people look for in a summer wine, generally speaking? And how is it different from wines that might pair better with heavier winter cuisine?

My grandmother always told me to wear as little as possible in the summer. That’s the epitome’ of casual, right? Summer is when we go on vacation, welcome friends and neighbors to hang out around the pool, grill, beach, and relax. It’s when you should be drinking your favorite wines, the wines that make you happy…and the wines you’re willing to SHARE, because your friends are going to drink all your wine. Well, mine do.

2) Now, I’m going to be selfish with this next question. As a wine reviewer myself, I’m always faced with keeping an eye on trends, basically “What are the regions your keeping an eye on right now? What’s the next big surprise?” So, I’m asking you, with your mind set on current summer seasonal pairings, what are some of your go-to regions, or even specific vineyards, that you’re keeping an eye on? For example, when you give your tours, what regions are the ‘popular guys and gals’ at the wine bar ordering right now, and what do you suspect they’ll be ordering ‘tomorrow?’

My friends drink all my white wines from the Loire Valley (Domaine De Vaufuget Vouvray and Blondeau Sancerre), red Tempranillo from the Rioja region of Spain (Lan Crianza), and of course, any rose’ from Provence (especially the Chateau Miraval).

The “popular guys and gals” are the folks who taste everything, because they want to learn different flavors and aromas. They ask questions, argue about what they like and why they like it, and don’t really pay attention to many trends. There’s someone in your past who got you into food and wine, by making you start tasting stuff, even if you knew you weren’t gonna like it, just so you could experience it for yourself. Become that person for someone else.

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