How to pick a wine for a host/hostess gift

How to pick a wine for a host/hostess gift

5 tips on how to pick a wine to bring along as a gift:

1. Buy something YOU like. Your experience means much more than a wine shop tasting notes. Pick your favorite red wine or white wine and include a note about why it’s special to you.

2. In a rush? Most wine shops or liquor stores have inexpensive, but elegant wine bags and ribbons…usually for free, if you ask sweetly.

3. Forget the corkscrew! Buy a screw-top bottle. Some of the world’s best wines now come with screw-tops. Savvy wine drinkers know a screw-top does not mean poor quality or low price.

4. A high price doesn’t always equal a delicious wine. You can find some incredible wines for under $25.

5.  You can never have too many wine openers! Tie a wine key/waiter’s friend to the bottle, but make sure you get a double-hinged version. Any wine professional will know what you mean if you ask for a double-hinged wine key. Usually about $7, though Trader Joe’s sells them for $1.99! Double-Hinged Corkscrew.

And remember… Don’t expect the host/hostess to open and serve your wine right away. What you bring might not match what they’re planning to serve.


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Wes Narron
Chief Wine Ambassador
City Wine Tours

Wes Narron is the Chief Wine Ambassador of City Wine Tours and thinks learning about wine should be as much fun as drinking it. City Wine Tours hosts weekend wine tasting tours in several NYC and Boston neighborhoods, plans corporate and private events, and encourages learned debauchery.