Tour of the Week May 18 – SoHo with Michael Wells!

Tour of the Week May 18 – SoHo with Michael Wells!

Our Tour of week for May 18, launched our Soho Tour with Ambassador Michael Wells at City Winery.  Our group enjoyed three wines and got to meet the owners of City Wine Tours including Rick Goldberg (pictured below right)!

City Winery on Tour of the Week May 18

Our next stop was at Boqueria where Michael got the cork stuck in the bottle!  It was a great opportunity to show the group what to do when you break off the cork!  Don’t worry… we got the wine out!

Wine group from Tour of the Week May 18

Last but not least is the wonderful Comodo. One of the owners (Filepe) was in the restaurant and told his story.

From the NY Times:

The chef, Felipe Donnelly, and his wife, Tamy Rofe, the charming host, are young, practically newlyweds. Two years ago, they began moonlighting from their day jobs as advertising executives by hosting (and blogging about) weekly dinner parties in their TriBeCa apartment for small groups of strangers. Twitter fame and a cease-and-desist letter from the city health department followed. They rethought their lives. Cómodo — “comfortable” in Spanish — is a result.

Meals proceed more efficiently here (there is no forgetting to put a chicken in the oven, as Mr. Donnelly did once at a dinner party), but there is still an air of cheerful improvisation. Mr. Donnelly, who is of Colombian descent, has lived in Spain, Brazil and Mexico, and his menu rambles.

By this point in the tour our guests had become great friends and were ready for dinner! If you missed out on the Tour of the Week on May 18, find the next winner on

Comodo from Tour of the Week May 18