Tour of the Week August 25 – Harvard Square!

Tour of the Week August 25 – Harvard Square!

Wes Narron discusses the Tour of the Week for August 25 – Sparkling Wine in Harvard Square:

I am often asked what my job is. I usually reply that I have the best job in Boston. I am a wine Ambassador with City Wine Tours (& I love my job!)  Friends asked me to arrange a tour for them. We picked a date and decided to take the Harvard Square Tour.

The Harvard Square Tour is my favorite. This tour has something for everyone. A combination of contemporary style, as seen in Nubar, our first destination, yet history and tradition surround us as we walk through the streets of this famous location.

We met in Nubar with sparkling Prosecco poured into elegant Champagne flutes. A lovely welcome drink with pinprick bubbles. Of course we said ‘cheers’ before tasting the first of the days six wines. A cheese and fruit platter was enjoyed by everyone as I poured our 2nd wine, Martin Codax ‘Alberino’. We swirled, sniffed and sipped this dry white wine and picked out the ripe Cantelope melon, fresh apple and hint on mineral that makes this a beautifully balanced and drinkable wine.


As I walked our group towards our 2nd destination, I looked forward to their reaction when they saw the setting for our next tasting.  First Printer had flat bread pizzas warming in the oven and a Pinot Gris chilling in the fridge when we arrived.  As I hoped, my friends were very surprised to see we would be sitting in an old bank vault, compete with vault door (which remained open the entire time!).  The flat bread pizzas, Pinot Gris and our first red, a Californian Cabernet Sauvignon were well received. By this point the group were beginning to perfect the art of swirling and sniffing. Slurping could use some work though!- friends making others laugh while attempting the slurp doesn’t help!

During the tasting a few photos were taken- I didn’t realize how much I use my hands when I start talking about wine. I tend to get very passionate about the subject!

A short walk across the road found us in the aptly named, Finale.  I don’t believe in sticking to the rule that white wine should only be drunk with white meats, red wines with red meats. Wine is fun and should not be put on a pedestal. It should be opened and enjoyed! Finale had a beautiful chocolate cake and a stunning South American red for us to taste. This unusual combination is brilliant. It allows us to explore wine and food matching in a new way. The sparkling raspberry color of our final wine with its delicate raspberry notes and just a touch of fresh lime made a memorable conclusion to our tasting.

I think my friends all agree that I must have one of the best jobs in Boston. Join me and I will show you why! If you missed the Tour of the Week August 25, then head to and book our next tour!