What’s the best value at every liquor store?

What’s the best value at every liquor store?

Learn how is wine priced at a wine shop/liquor store and get the best value at the liquor store when Christmas shopping down the stretch this week.

Wine is typically marked up by 50% from the wholesale price. They buy a bottle for $10 and sell it to you for $15.

Beer and liquor are marked up by 30%. They buy a 12-pack of Sam Adams for $10 and sell it to you for $13, or they buy a bottle of Smirnoff Vodka for $10 and sell it to you for $13.

What’s the best “value” in a liquor store?

The 1.75 liter bottles of alcohol, called “handles” (because they’re so big they need a handle to pick them up) are only marked up 15%. The store buys that big honking bottle of Jack Daniels for $20 and sells it for $23.

Why does it matter what mark-up the wine shop/liquor store uses for wine?

They expect you to ask for a discount when you buy 6 bottles or more of wine. It’s an unwritten law of liquor retailers. You just have to find the right person to ask.

You should ask for 10% off 6 bottles, 20% off 12 bottles, and 25% off 24 bottles.

The better wine shops will have their discount policy posted for everyone to see. If you don’t see the discount policy, ask about it. Especially if you’re buying 12 bottles or more of the same wine!

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