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Your friends are a diverse group, with different opinions and choices. On a private group wine tour, We give you an opportunity to sample wine with your friends, share a common perspective as you try unique wines, and talk about the flavors and tastes you discover. Your group’s most indiscriminate drinker might learn something about wine! Choose the perfect tour or event for your group; explore all of our options below:

The choice is yours!

  • The Perfect Date Wine Tour: For couples
    4 wine varietals, 2 small food pairings, 2 restaurants, 1.5 hours
    All neighborhoods, $400
  • Small Group Private Tour: Between 3 and 6 persons
    4 wine varietals, 2 small food pairings, 2 restaurants, 1.5 hours
    North End, South End, Back Bay
    $500 minimum for up to 6 guests – $85 per guest
  • Standard Private Wine Tour: Between 7 and 18 persons
    6 wine varietals, 2 small food pairings, 2 restaurants, 2 hours
    All neighborhoods; $85 per guest
  • Large Private Wine Event: Between 19-50 persons
    6 wine varietals, 2 food pairings, 1 restaurant location, 2 hours
    Soho, Upper West Side, Back Bay
    $85 per guest up to 18 guests, $70 per guest from 19 upwards
  • Wine Blending Event: Between 19-50 persons
    3 premium wines and the 6 blending wines.
    $55 per guest
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  • In-House or On Location Wine Tasting: 10 or more guests, 2 hours
    6 wine varietals and a wine ambassador – $65 per guest
    Add charcuterie platters – $10 per guest extra
    Add Glassware – $10 per guest extra
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  • Client Networking Event for Businesses: Up to 20 participants
    6 wine varietals, 2 food pairings, 2 restaurant locations, 2 hours
    All neighborhoods, Ambassador leads group in mixers
    $85 per guest up to 12 guests, $75 per guests 13-20.
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Pricing for Private wine events vary based on group size and specific event chosen. Please see the above options or choose your event from our menu for specific details

  • What's Included

    What's Included

    • Wine experts on site to pour wine and lead tastings
    • A least 6 distinct wine varietals
    • Enjoy small plates of food to pair with your wine.
  • What's not Included

    What's not Included

    • Gratuity for your wine ambassador is not included, we suggest tipping $50-$100 per group at the end of your tour
    • Transportation to the tour starting point is not included
    • Groups can add additional wines and/or pairings if they desire
  • What will you Learn

    What will you Learn

    Our wine ambassadors are charismatic wine experts who will lead your group through tastings and pairings at each location. Guests learn how to taste, pair and buy. Everyone has the opportunity to ask any questions they want. We believe learning about wine should be as much fun as drinking it!

  • Our private events in Boston start at $85 per person.
  • To begin your booking process call our sales director (844-879-8799), or submit an online request by clicking Book Now.
Elisabeth Z.

since it was our first time visiting and what is better than getting to enjoy a sampling of wine and restaurants on the tour!

Elisabeth Z.

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