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Need a fun corporate bonding event? Choose the Great Wine Blending Contest! Have your group learn and share their wine knowledge while they blend their own unique wine, create a name and story about this wine, then present it to their co-workers! Best of all…the only “wine knowledge” you need is “This tastes bad. This tastes good. This tastes great!” Our Wine Ambassadors walk the group through every step, provide encouragement and opinions, then pick the best tasting wine.


  • Each group has a table with three premium wines and the six blending wines.
  • Lesson on opening bottles of wine and nuances between corkscrews and screw caps.
  • Taste first wine and discuss event activities.
  • Taste second wine and discuss how to use tasting sheets.
  • Taste third wine and discuss buying wine at restaurants, wine shops.

Transition to Wine Blending:

  • Discussion about the properties of wine blending.
  • Use what you have learned about wine blend in their carafes.
  • Create a team label & sell your wine.
  • Wine Ambassadors will taste and judge winning wine.


Our private wine blending events start at $55 per person

  • What's Included

    What's Included

    • Pre-packed envelope containing:
      • A packet of color markers
      • Wine tasting sheets
      • Pens
      • Wine blend percentage sheets 6-up on an 8.5 x 11 sheet
      • Shelf talker templates
      • Sheets of 4-up wine labels
    • Carafes
    • Measuring cup
    • Water pitcher
    • Spit tub
    • 6 white wine glasses
    • 6 red wine glasses
  • What's not Included

    What's not Included

    • Gratuity for your wine ambassador is not included, we suggest tipping $50-$100 per group at the end of your tour
    • Groups can add additional wines and/or pairings if they desire
  • What will you Learn

    What will you Learn

    You have 6 wines on your table, 3 white wines and 3 red wines. Your task is to come up with a delicious blend, a name for the wine, and a shelf talker. A shelf talker communicates the characteristics and uniqueness of the wine in a few brief statements. It’s what you’d find attached to a shelf in a wine shop. And it’s what you’ll present to your peers, and to us, at the end of the blending session. Your wine will be judged on the Robert Parker/Wine Spectator 100 point scale.

  • Our private events in Boston start at $55 per person.
  • To begin your booking process call our sales director (844-879-8799), or submit an online request by clicking Book Now.
Ashley L.

Overall, our guide was great and I learned some new things about wine that I didn’t previously know from other tastings I’ve done.

Ashley L.

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