Wesley Narron

Chief Wine Ambassador

Wes got his start in the wine business as a telemarketer, nagging folks like you to buy a case of cheap French wine for $50 and promising you a FREE WINE RACK! (actually a flimsy wooden crate with slats) with each purchase. He later honed his knowledge as General Manager of The Wine Gallery—a chain of local wine shops—for six years, winning Boston Magazine’s “Best Wine Shop” accolades in 2007 and 2008. Afterward, he crisscrossed the state as a wine consultant for Café Europa Wines and Monsieur Touton Selections—selling wines to bottegas, packies, spas, trattorias, kitchens, and brasseries. Wes’s specialty is helping you navigate real-world wine situations, including: how to find a good, inexpensive wine that tastes like a far more expensive bottle; how to get a discount at any liquor store; how to remember which wines you love and which you hate; and (most importantly) how to deal with a wine snob.

Wilson Cecil

Wine Ambassador

Wilson’s first glimpse into the world of wine was a chance encounter with a Wine Spectator magazine while house-sitting for a family friend during college. Shortly thereafter he traveled to South Africa for a study abroad program, eventually conducting an independent study of the country’s wine industry and its Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) initiative. Three years later, Wilson made an unglamorous entry into the wine and spirits industry with a seasonal job in a giant liquor store. Since then he has managed a small boutique wine shop, worked a stint in wine production in Washington State, and worked in a few winery tasting rooms. Eight years and many hundreds of bottles later, he now works as a brand and sales manager for a Washington State-based sparkling wine production. Trying to demystify wine and instill a sense of comfort and enthusiasm in newly-fledged wine nerds is one of the singular joys of Wilson’s life. When he is not talking about or drinking wine, you can find him at home reading, cooking, or making music.

Kristy Kingan

Wine Ambassador

Kristy first developed her passion for wine while studying abroad in Hungary. Her visits to the vineyards of Lake Balaton and the cave cellars of Eger provided her with her first glimpse into the world of wine. In 2016, Kristy passed the first level certification for the International Court of Master Sommeliers. She has written for the website, particularly their “Ask the Sommelier” column. She also works in non-profit development at an art museum. Kristy is particularly interested in the wines of Central and Eastern Europe and Iberian Peninsula.


Sara M.

Customer service is excellent – my gift certificate for two people only rung up as one online, and the information was fixed in 24 hours. A staff member even followed up after.

Sara M.

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