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Wine Tours

Some birthdays require a proper celebration. Something beyond a Carvel cake and a card from CVS. Those notable numbers: 21, 29, 30, 39, 40, 50, 60. Heck, any birthday ought to be special. Let’s make a fuss this year, for you or your beloved!


This is the year to do it. Make a splash. Surround your sweetie (or yourself) with elegance, opulence, and sophistication. We got this! We host events like this every week. We have long-standing relationships with great wine locales in each neighborhood. We’ll do all the work, make all the arrangements, and work with you to plan the schedule. Your group just has to show up and we’ll take care of everything. Leave the wine buying and food planning to us.

Our friendly, charismatic wine ambassador will lead your group to some of the city’s hot spots, where you’ll be welcomed to a reserved table, with wait staff standing by, ready to serve our pre-selected wines and appetizers. No worrying about reservations or “did I pick the right spot?” – we’ve got your covered.

Our Tours give you an opportunity to sample wine with your friends, share a common perspective as you try unique wines, and talk about the flavors and tastes you discover. Your group’s most indiscriminate drinker might learn something about wine!

And, YOU don’t have to front the whole bill. We make it easy to split the tab. Each person can buy his or her own ticket! Let us help plan your special birthday!


Our private events in Philly start at $85 per person. We make it easy to split the tab. you can each buy your own ticket! Please keep in mind that certain locations and times may require a minimum group size.

  • What's Included

    • At least six wines and two food pairings
    • A dedicated wine ambassador who leads your tour and provides wine education
    • All reservations secured in advance
    • Special curation of foods and wines for optimal tasting experience
    • Costs for wine and food
    • Gratuity and taxes for servers at each tour stop
  • What's not Included

    What's not Included

    • Gratuity for your wine ambassador is not included, we suggest tipping $50-$100 per group at the end of your tour
    • Groups can add additional wines and/or pairings if they desire
  • What will you Learn

    What will you Learn

    Our wine ambassadors are charismatic wine experts who will lead your group through tastings and pairings at each location. Guests learn how to taste, pair and buy. Everyone has the opportunity to ask any questions they want. We believe learning about wine should be as much fun as drinking it!

  • Our private events in Boston start at $85 per person.
  • To begin your booking process call our sales director (844-879-8799), or submit an online request by clicking Book Now.
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